Youll also get 150 points of friendship.
Hiring Robin geschenkgutschein zum drucken to make or upgrade a building means her shop will be closed for those days that she is on your farm completing the construction.Robin won't leave her home on days when it's raining unless she has been hired to construct a farm building.Robin will react neutrally if you give her Leek, Chanterelle, Winter Root, Dandelion, Morel, Common Mushroom, Hazelnut, Daffodil, Snow Yam, or Purple Mushroom.Contents, my parents were bewildered when I told them I wanted to be a carpenter.Robin Quests Robin's lost axe "Robin's Lost Axe" : On the 11th of Spring, Robin will send a letter explaining that she lost her favorite axe, and offers a reward of 250g to anyone geschenke mit baby basteln who finds and returns it to her.She goes there with Demetrius, and you can see them dance.This is really nice!Youll also unlock various special scenes, which are triggered each time you reach a certain amount of hearts in your friendship scale.
The chance of receiving a gift in the mail increases as your friendship with Robin increases.
Her shop is closed on Tuesday while she has a weekly exercise class.

You will have a small talk about handmade wooden items, and after that, she will give you the Flute Block and the Drum Block.Go back into your journal and collect the reward for Robins Lost Axe.Maru is her daughter with Demetrius, and Sebastian is from an earlier relationship.Carpenter's shop counter for a 9:00 AM opening.As you may have noticed, Stardew Valley is not just a farm game."Robin's Request" : On the 21st of Winter, Robin will send a letter requesting that you bring her 10 pieces of Hardwood.Raining 8:00 AM At home.
Birthday gifts are of particular importance, since they have eight times stronger impact on your friendship.

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