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The baby elephant is reared by elephant expert and animal trainer Josef Hack with the bottle because.
In 1991 the fur seals swimming pool with an underwater observation window opened, as well as the playground pirate ship.The interaction between the visitors and the animals is a speciality of this zoo, for example, various pets can caressed and fed.Aufgrund von gutschein für fotobuch selbst gestalten starken Altersbeschwerden und der immer schmerzhafter werdenden Arthrose in beiden Füssen - welche ein Aufstehen/Abliegen deinsportsfreund rabatt zunehmend verunmöglichten haben uns veranlasst, gutschein flasche das rund.5 Tonnen schwere Tier heute Morgen zu erlösen.1976 became the record year in the zoo's history, totalling 399,331 visitors - 7,8 millions by 1987.Claudy brachte in Rapperswil drei Jungtiere zur Welt: Lohimi 1985, Boy 1992 und Sandry 1999.
Diva, the ancestress of the zoo's Rothschild giraffe breed, and Miniak, one of the oldest elephant in captivity, died at the age of 22, respectively.
2012 was under the motto 50 years : a parrot air show was added to the program, and Capybara, a mammal and the largest living rodent in the world became a further attraction.

Aktuelle Hinweise:.1.Sindbad and, skipper became a further attraction on ; they were the first trained dolphins from Florida ever to be shown in an inland European country.Contents, location edit, aimed for children, the zoo is located.The new home for lemurs is inaugurated, and Himmapan became the new home of all elephants of the Circus Knie in 2016.The zoo does not include any predators, but elephants, ungulates, camels, several species of monkeys, rodents, kangaroos, giraffes 4 and a whole range of birds 303 animals of 51 species in all.To promote the close contact with the animals, the zoo introduced zookeeper ground accompaniments.Zusammen mit Spezialisten der Veterinärpathologie der Universität Zürich, unserem Veterinärteam sowie Vertretern des kantonalen Veterinäramtes.The facility of the popular petting with African dwarf goats, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, chickens and sheep was doubled.
Das Aquarium ist wegen Bauarbeiten geschlossen.
On, the zoo's second largest project: the Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi was built adjacent to the current enclosure according to the latest research results, including wide outdoor facilities on an area of more than 2,500 square metres (26,910 sq ft).